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At Evo Pest Control, we follow a proven four-step process for identifying, eliminating, and preventing termite activity for our residential and commercial customers.

Termite Control Process

Step 1: Professional Termite Installation
Owner will visit your property to conduct a thorough inspection to discover any existing termite activity, evidence of termite damage, and signs of termites and/or termite activity, such as mud tubes on the structure’s foundation.  

Step 2: Termite Spot Treatment
If termites or signs of termites are present, the technician will provide an estimate for termite control services. The technician may perform a spot treatment to keep termites at bay in the meantime, and an appointment for a liquid termite treatment is then scheduled.

Step 3:  Application Of Liquid Termite Treatment
A termite control expert from Evo Pest Control will return to your property to apply a termite treatment. This is an odor-free liquid that will be expertly applied along the outside perimeter and foundation of the property to create a “treatment zone” that termites will cross through. Termites are unaware of the  treatment zone and do not attempt to find ways around it the way they do most termite repellant products – making it extremely effective in eliminating the termite colony. As they walk through the zone, they eat materials that have the treatment on it or get the liquid on their bodies.

Step 4: Maintenance & Monitoring
Evo Pest Control will return to your home to inspect and monitor the effectiveness of your termite treatment. Over time, landscaping or home improvements can affect the ability of the termite treatment zone to do its job, so follow-up inspections are necessary to ensure the treatment zone hasn’t be disrupted. 

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